Smartphone hack tips

Hello friends! Today I will share several secret hack codes for Android Mobile Phones. Secret hack codes are usually hidden from users to prevent misuse and exploit. I am sure these will work on all previous versions. This code can be used to get some interesting information about your phone and battery.

It shows the following 4 menus on the screen:.

smartphone hack tips

These codes are really useful in daily life. One more thing, I wanted to know about Whatsapp hacking codes. Can you help me out? Share this This code is used for factory formatting. It will remove all files and settings, including the internal memory storage. It will also reinstall the phone firmware. Note: Once you give this code, there is no way to cancel the operation unless you remove the battery from the phone. Your phone camera will stop working and you will need to take your phone to a service center to reinstall camera firmware.

This one is my favorite.

Best Android Hacking Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Be default, if you hold the button down for a long time, it shows a screen asking you to select between silent mode, airplane mode, and power off. Using this code, you can enable this button to power off without having to select an option, saving you some time. This code opens a file copy screen where you can backup your media files e. This code can be used to enter into service mode. In service mode, you can run various tests and change settings. I hope you all have enjoyed these secret hack codes for android mobile phones.

If you have any issues ask me in the comments. To get our free books on hacking emailed to you, or to learn more information about these concepts on an ongoing basis, simply join our list. Did you enjoy this post?

Join Our Insider's List. Comments These codes are really useful in daily life. Enter your comment here…how I can hack another mobiles msm. K thanxs just wanted to ask u about whatsapp hacking codes. Contact Us. Privacy Policy Disclaimer.Today we will tell you the 10 best secret tricks for android hacking. Also you can learn, what an android device is callable of doing. Here are few apps to take you one step ahead being an expert at android smartphone.

Hacking is playing an important role in the Android market nowadays, it is playing an important role in Android technology to increase the possibilities and our smartphone features, so we have listed some best hacking tricks and tips for Android smartphone.

First of all, I want to tell you that, if you want to run this app, you need to root your android smartphone. WPS Connect has some amazing and unique features of penetrating Wi-Fi networks and getting you the free internet access. The new and amazing app has changed the trend of fingerprint scanning feature.

smartphone hack tips

Without any hardware requirement and changes, you can use fingerprint lock feature in your android smartphone. Now you might be thinking how? Let me introduce the DTSO app, it has an amazing feature which helps you to get into home screen by tapping on your screen. Now the Question is how it works? In these days almost every device is inbuilt with sensors. DTSO app used your smartphone and helps you to open home screen with by tapping on device. There is nothing too much technical or a rocket science in setting it up.

You just have to choose a sensor option in setting menu of application. Here is the link, go and download this amazing DTSO app and enjoy double tap feature. This is how it works:. Now you have entered the digits you used in phone dialer. If you are not landed on your screen, repeat until home screen. Some time at the time of watching movies and when we talk about movies the common thing we talk about its visual and they play important role because everyone can not shoot like professionals.

Nowadays in movies they use hi-tech slow motion camera, which you cannot afford. You can use the below mentioned android applications to shoot movies like a pro. One of the most important feature of windows is a cool if you got it in your android device. Yes, I am talking about recycle bin.

Imagine if you can get this feature into your smartphone, then you can not only restore deleted files or folder, however you use this tool to get those file which deleted by you accidentally. Some time you delete your important files and you lost it permanently.

But, by using this application you can get back your files easily. Dumpster is a free utility app. Download and install this app to get recycle bin feature in your smartphone. Some time we use them rarely. And some of them are very important and we use them regularly. To save battery and ram storage for the better performance you can reduce load by blocking the useless apps via wonderful app.

ClearLock : Block annoying apps. Download and install it now! This is very cool hack for everyone. Some time when we download something into pc and suddenly we have to go for any other urgent work at that time we pause the download, what if we got an option to shutdown PC via smartphone, from anywhere. For this amazing trick you need to download Rohoos for windows and Iphone.

smartphone hack tips

Download and install application in both device and configure it! The feature is pre-installed in your android, and when you activate this feature, it uses GPS location and network, sometime use your face and voice to prevent locking itself.In the pursuit of large displays with thinner bezels, Samsung has sacrificed some components. While the loss of the headphone jack gets all the attention, there are other victims — namely, the notification LED.

Apple just released the second iOS The update comes just over two weeks after the release of While it doesn't sport the 4-inch design of the original SE, it combines a small form-factor with modern specs. The big question, of course, is when and how you can get your hands on one.

It's finally here. While it doesn't have a 4-inch display like the original SE, it's the smallest new iPhone you can buy today, with the chipset of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. So, when can you get your hands on it? The original iPhone SE was, for some, the perfect iPhone.

Simple Steps to Hack a Smartphone

It brought back the popular one-handed form factor of the iPhone 5 but packed in the internals of the then-new iPhone 6 S. Now, the second-generation iPhone SE is here forbut can it live up to what made the first-generation iPhone SE so popular? As we settle into our new normal, this extra time provides a perfect opportunity to learn new skills. Speaking a foreign language is a great way to expand your cultural boundaries while also training your brain.

Not only will you pass the time more effectively, but you'll also be doing something positive for your health. There are few things more annoying than back button hijacking. You tap a link on a website and decide you want to go back to the previous page, only to remain on the same page again as if you didn't hit the back button.

After years of frustration, Google has finally given us a solution. During a meeting in real life, you could ask non-essentials to exit the room temporarily so that you can speak to just a few privately, but now that conferences exist online, it requires a bit more finesse.

You could start a new video call on Zoom or remove individual participants, but that makes it hard for those who left to join again. But there is a feature where you can just put some users on hold. But that's not all that's new on the SE. Apple has also included three new wallpapers, exclusive to the Special Edition model, but the internet makes it tough to make anything truly exclusive anymore.

Several popular custom ROMs and root mods let you double tap the status bar at the top of your screen to put the phone to sleep. It pairs perfectly with the double tap to wake gesture you'll find on pretty much any Android phone. But if you're not rooted, you'll be glad to know you can finally do this by installing a simple app. The COVID pandemic has practically shut down all sports except for World Wrestling Entertainment, which has continued staging matches without an audience, leaving us sports fans with nothing much to cheer for.

While they can't replace live games, smartphone games provide an alternate reality to live out our competitive entertainment in the absence of the real thing.

Love them or hate them, Live Photos have their place. The problem is, they're always on, requiring you to disable the feature every single time you open the Camera app. At least, that's how Apple has things set by default — but you can change that with just a few taps. It's nice having a dark theme on Android 10 and One UI 2, but setting it on a schedule takes it a step further.

Imagine the light theme turning on every morning, and the dark theme taking over after sunset — all automatically. It sounds pretty simple, but it's one of those things you wouldn't know you need until you try it.

One of the greatest trends to emerge from this period of home isolation is the live concert broadcast from bedrooms and living rooms across the planet. Though public gatherings are on hold, you can still impact people with your music and mixes. In fact, it's helping many people get through this confusing time.First of all, we never say enough about Android.

There are endless customization and features users can add to their Android Smartphones through Apps. Android users are instead looking for ways to customize their phones and make the best use of features available. These Hacks, Tips, and Tricks will make you familiar with unique features on your phone.

Therefore, helping in using it to its full potential. It is a simple yet handy trick.

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It lets you set up a playlist as your ringtone for Calls, SMS as well as alarm. It means there will be a different alert sound every time you get a call or SMS and therefore, a new alarm tone every day.

How to Prevent Phone Hacking and Protect Your Cell Phone

Grant all permissions. Move back to the previous section and then set the playlist as your alert for the desired category. We have a lot of personal information stored on our phones. Android offers to keep this information safe by providing screen locks. There are also App locks available on Google Play Store as well as you can have vaults installed.

But there is instead a simple android trick which will let you create your own space in your phone.

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You can install apps, create different accounts, and store personal data in this space, and no one will know. You can easily switch between accounts by tapping the Avatar icon in your notification panel.

Both accounts have different lock passwords, so you are very secure. This trick works on Lollipop v5. There are several ways you can control your screen lock in Android, yet many users are not aware of this feature.

Top 20 Tips & Tricks in PUBG Mobile - Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #11

In this trick, we will show you three effective methods by which you can reduce the number of times you enter your password.Do you want to know how hackers hack android phone.?? Are you tired of seeing all those fake scam sites and phoney youtube videos? Then congratulations, you have come to the right place. Today we will teach you not one or two ways, But a total of 7 ways to hack an android phone like using spynote, msfvenom, and Metasploit. Disclaimer: Please be aware that hacking is illegal unless you have permission from the account owner and the parties involved.

This post should be used as a tool to help the public understand how hackers are gaining access to your passwords and hack various passwords. The Hacking world team shall not be held responsible if any criminal charges are brought against any person who misuses the information on this website to violate the law.

Learn how to secure your account from hackers. Read full Disclaimer. The following hacks vary in their implementation but the core ideas remain the same. If you have any queries ask them in the comment section. Spynote is a remote administration tool RAT for short with which you can hack any android device and make custom trojans and keyloggers. You can also make trojans and viruses from existing apk files.

You can download any apk from the internet and hide your virus inside the apk. This is why this remote administration tool is one of the best hacking tools for hacking android. Read how to hack android phones with spynote. Must read: How to hack WhatsApp accounts.

When it comes to hacking Android phones, there is no better tool than Metasploit and msfvenom. These tools are essentially frameworks for hacking android devices.

Read more about hacking android with Metasploit and msfvenom. So, this is how easily hackers hack using Metasploit and msfvenom.

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There are many apps available on the internet which allow you to control your android device remotely. By using these apps you can easily hack andy android devices. Step 1. Sign up for an airdroid account from the website to hack an android phone. Step 2. Step 3. Go to the airdroid dashboard you will the details of the phone you have hacked.Waze is the go-to navigation app for millions of drivers, and it's easy to see why. Benefits such crowd-sourced traffic data, police trap locations, and road work avoidance are just the tip of the iceberg.

It can almost be overwhelming, but with these simple tips, you'll master Waze and start navigating like an expert in no time. As intuitive as Waze is to use on iPhone and Android, there might be some features that you've overlooked and would like to learn more about. As such, we put together a list of seven tips that should help familiarize you with Waze and some of the features it has to offer.

Waze has a wide selection of voices that you can choose from. Setting a custom navigation voice for Waze is incredibly simple — to begin, just tap the speaker button in the lower-right corner of the screen to pull up the "Sound settings" tab. Select "Voice directions" next, then choose which language and voice you're most comfortable with. You'll notice that some voices will also verbalize street names, which is a great bonus and ensures smooth navigation.

You can even record your very own custom voice to use on Waze, which can be done by simply tapping the "Record new voice" button within the "Sounds settings" tab, then following the prompts. Being stuck on a toll road unexpectedly is never fun, but fortunately, you can set Waze to never give you directions that include toll routes. To start, swipe in from the left edge of the screen to pull up the side menu, then tap the cog-shaped settings button in the upper-left corner.

Inside the settings page, scroll down and tap on "Navigation," then just toggle on the "Avoid toll roads" option. Once you've turned the setting on, you can exit the settings page and input your destination in Waze, and only toll-free routes will now automatically generate for you to choose from. Even in the midst of a road trip, Waze lets you seamlessly add a pit stop to your current navigation to minimize any potential delays.

Adding a stop is easy. While you're in navigation mode, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see your trip's summary tab. From there, if you're on iOS, you can choose what kind of stop you'd like to add by tapping the corresponding icon. Otherwise, just search for a specific business or location using the provided field.

From there, tap on your desired stop once you've found it, and it'll automatically be added to your route. Removing a stop is just as easy — swipe in from the left edge of your screen to access your Waze dashboard, tap on the stop you wish to delete, then select "Remove" to get rid of it.

Please note that Waze only allows one stop to be added to any current route, so if you want to add another stop on top of the pit stop you already have, you'll either need to arrive at your pit stop, remove it from your current route, or create a separate route for it.

For those of us who puts safety ahead of everything else with regards to driving, Waze has a nifty hands-free feature that lets you issue voice commands for navigation and traffic info, leaving you free to focus on the road ahead. Hands-free mode is incredibly easy to enable. Now you can access almost any feature in the app when you're on the road by simply saying "Okay Waze," followed by a command such as "drive home. It's worth mentioning that you will still need to tap on your device to confirm your target destination after voicing your command, and that the "Okay Waze" feature won't work if it's running in the background.

Still, it's a better alternative than constantly finagling with your phone while driving. If you're using an Android device, Waze lets you download routes that are then saved in the app's cache as a backup. This means that maps can be automatically retrieved by Waze when you encounter an area with poor cellular service, keeping your navigation smooth and relatively uninterrupted.

Because it does away with the need to stop mid-trip to manually retrieve an offline route, Waze's offline feature makes for a much safer trip overall.

Waze's offline feature is easy to enable, and is accessed through the app's settings page from within the side menu once navigation has started. Once inside the page, tap on "Download traffic info" to turn the feature on.

With "Download Traffic Info" set, Waze will automatically download your navigation routes and will keep navigating even if you run into spotty cellular service. It's worth noting, however, that vital traffic updates, such as accidents, police traps, and roadwork, will not function without cell service, as the app depends on an internet connection to provide real-time data.How to hack someone's phone?

Hacking is one of those terms that most people have heard, but they are not sure what it really means. This is especially true when it comes to phone hacking.

15+ Best Android Tricks, Tips & Hacks – 2020

If you have not realized yet, the answer to this question is affirmative. The rapid advance in the field of technology has made many people come up with inventive ways of phone hacking. So, there is more than one way to do this and some methods are more efficient and discreet than the others. In most cases, people are recommending the use of special software for this purpose.

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Once the app is activated, users will get complete access to all the functions of the targeted phone remotely. There are dozens of similar apps on the market, but Copy9 is popular due to two important things — a long list of features and because it is easy to use. You will be able to track all the incoming and outgoing calls from the hacked phone. You can also check the list of missed calls too.

The call tracking feature shows the exact time when these calls were made. SMS is still one of the most used forms of communication today. With Cop9 you can open the inbox and outbox and read all the messages. Modern cell phones come equipped with GPS technology. The track GPS location feature from Copy9 will help you determine the exact location of the owner. As one of the most used communication apps today, it is definitely useful to get a chance to monitor WhatsApp activity and this is exactly what you get from Copy9.

Facebook has millions of active users on a daily basis and many people use it to share personal information which makes it excellent for spying and retrieving important info. This means that all the tasks are performed remotely. In addition to the excellent features, another great thing about Copy9 is that it is extremely easy to use this app. Browse to android. When the download is complete please open your notification window and install it from there.

Please accept tap Next them and Copy9 will be installed automatically. Next, you should go to my. Androrat is an open source tool that allows a remote attacker to control your phone.

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With the software the hacker is able to make calls, send messages, get GPS coordinates, access files and photos stored in the phone. Androrat lets you hack a smart phone without the use of any software. An APK is the standard application format of Android phones. The Androrat binds itself to a legitimate Android app and deceives any security features in the phone. To contain any malware you will need to install an anti-virus into your mobile phone like Avast.

It should be noted that if people took great care of their phones as they do their personal computers cases of Androrat binders could be greatly reduced. Avoid downloading games from third party sources. This popular games are often used to hack your phone by having malicious software binding unto them. You can see the implication of hackers and cybercriminals tapping into that kind of data. And this is exactly what is happening.

With just your phone number which is an easily obtainable piece of public informationsomeone who has hacked into SS7 can:.

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